Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain, says study

The BBC reports that more than two-thirds of young people in the UK have an “international outlook” and many fear for their prospects once the UK leaves the EU, says a report.

Ipsos Mori questioned a representative group of almost 2,000 18 to 30-year-olds for a study by cross-party think tank Demos, for the British Council. Overall, young people said they feel “overburdened” by responsibility and “multiple barriers”, says the report.

Ministers said schools worked hard to prepare pupils for life in a modern UK.

The report is part of the British Council’s Next Generation series of studies of young people in countries facing pivotal change – others include reports on Bangladesh, Ukraine, Colombia, Turkey and South Africa.

Many of those interviewed were still “angry and emotional” about last year’s vote to leave the EU but the report notes that, while 69% of young people who voted were in favour of remaining, about half did not vote. Of those polled, six in 10 said they would vote to remain if another referendum was held now.

“While there are certainly those who see leaving the EU as a great opportunity, many participants in our focus groups were worried about impacts on their lives, prospects and future plans, including constraining opportunities to work and study in other countries,” says the report.

The report also found many were frustrated with an education system they saw as overly focused on grades rather than life skills like money management, healthy eating, mental health and relationships. About half felt their education had failed to properly prepare them for the world of work or for adulthood generally.

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