Young men miss out as university gender gap remains at record levels

The Guardian is reporting new official figures that suggest the gap between male and female school leavers applying to university remains at record levels.

Ucas, the central body that administers university admissions, said applications submitted at the January deadline showed that young women are 36% more likely to apply than young men in England, the same gap as last year and the widest on record.

Even wider gaps were seen in Scotland and Wales – 55% and 50% respectively – to reach record levels, while in Northern Ireland the 39% gap was the biggest since 2009. 

The gap among students from disadvantaged backgrounds was even higher, with young women in England now 58% more likely to apply than men with the same age and background – although ministers and policymakers will be pleased to see that applications from disadvantaged students have continued to rise…

Although the number of women entering higher education has outstripped men for many years, the gap has continued to widen despite a massive expansion in the proportion of school leavers going to university…

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If university is important, is this not a huge issue that, to date, has been left completely unaddressed?

If university is not (that) important… well, that’s a whole other can of worms isn’t it?

Do you think, to some extent, a blind eye turned to this because, for so long, women have had the short end of the stick and it’s seen as some kind of balancing out?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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