Yorkshire head warns teacher shortages could see school system implode

The Yorkshire Post is reporting that a leading headteachers has warned that the school system is in danger of imploding because of a lack of good teachers.

John Tomsett, the head of Huntington School, in York, said that action was needed to make the profession more attractive and to get good teaching staff back into classrooms.

He said: “There can be real difficulties recruiting teachers in areas of coastal deprivation or in some inner city areas of Bradford, Hull and Leeds.” Mr Tomsett added that ensuring schools had enough quality teachers was crucial to raising standards.

In his blog he wrote: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that only great teaching will make our country’s education system great. It’s that simple. Finding great teachers isn’t so simple, however. Despite what Nick Gibb might say, we are in the middle of a teacher recruitment and retention crisis in England. And it is not just a matter of having enough teachers to stand in front of classes, it is the quality of those teachers which is an equally serious concern.”

He also warned that other Government policies were making it harder to recruit and retain staff.

“Many teachers working in our schools come from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, but they will only be able to remain working in the UK if they earn over £35,000 thanks to Theresa May’s genius piece of legislation which became law in April 2016. The new rules state that anyone from non-EU countries working in the UK from April 2016 must earn over £35,000 or be deported.” 

More at: Yorkshire head warns teacher shortages could see school system implode

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  1. fairwrc

    SchoolsImprove the problem is in great part the forms of performance management that exist in the education system

  2. clivetaylor915

    Thing is what can be done?
    Structures obsession has to stop.
    Ditch all except total focus on joy of teaching + learning.

  3. lsrask SchoolsImprove ‘New solutions’ like allowing academies to employ untrained personnel to teach perhaps?  Or plonking kids in front of computers for ‘individualised learning’?  Or parachuting in barely-trained Teach Firsters who are more likely to leave after a couple of years than teachers trained by other routes?
    Music to Nick Gibb’s ears.

  4. Itsdihere

    clivetaylor915 Make it more compelling and straight forward to be a teacher. Make it more joyous to stay as one.

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