Yet more primary tests to go on trial

Writing in his column in the Guardian, Warwick Mansell says the government is trialling yet another round of tests for pupils in England..

In year 1, pupils already sit a “screening check”, which assesses their ability to decode text. Those failing it currently face a resit in year 2. Now, ministers are to trial a second resit of the phonics check in year 3, for those failing the assessment twice…

The phonics year 3 resit plans were unveiled in a notice on the Department for Education’s website

A DfE spokesman says: “It is essential that every child can reach their full potential. That is why under a voluntary pilot scheme, the phonics screening check has been extended into year 3…”

More (including an update on SATs marking issues) at: Yet more primary tests to go on trial


Ignoring, if you can, the bigger picture of the amount of testing, what do you make of the specific proposals for these Year 3 resits for pupils who didn’t achieve the expected standard in year 2?

Please let us know what impact it would have and whether you can see any merit in participating…


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  1. suzyg001

    SchoolsImprove Now EHC plans go up to 25 I can see some people doing phonics, maths & English tests annually well into adulthood 😉

  2. Nairb

    Yet another staggeringly pointless DfE proposal. Still it’s more income for the private companies commissioned to trial and produce the tests. I wonder which company directors now have the ear of the SoS?

  3. Ed_Tmprince

    SchoolsImprove At this pt we shld be concentrating on OTHER avenues to teaching reading! Some NEVER can use phonics. 1 sz doesn’t fit all!

  4. lisa_jeffery1

    SchoolsImprove debbiehepp In support of delivering appropriate phonics training. 600 schools got everyone through the screen first time.

  5. Dorastar

    Ridiculous and just another way of making children with the greatest needs fail. I feel a boycott coming on!

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