Would-be school shooting in United States foiled by ‘heroic’ teacher

The Guardian is reporting that a would-be school shooter was tackled by a teacher in Washington state on Monday morning, before anyone could be killed or injured…

The gunman, who was taken into police custody but not immediately identified, fired several shots at the commons of North Thurston high school in Lacey, Washington.

Students say a teacher approached him from behind and tackled him to the ground, and was then aided by more teachers in holding the shooter down. The school district confirmed in a statement that staff had apprehended the gunman…

Student Devin Santos described the shooter to local Fox affiliate Q13, saying he “was a white male, he had kind of a Justin Bieber haircut, it was black hair”, and adding: “I did not recognize that kid.”

The description matched what other students said on social media: the suspect was described as a 15- or 16-year-old student, dressed all in black and with long hair. He was said to have been armed with a handgun.

School district spokesperson Courtney Schrieve said reports appeared correct that Brady Olson, who teaches government and civics, tackled the gunman from behind. He is “obviously a very brave man who probably saved a lot of people”, Schrieve told Q13.

“I owe Mr Olson my life. I think we all do. I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that,” tweeted one student, Joseph Delacruz…


Thank goodness for Mr Olsen or it looks like we could have had another mass killing at a US high school to deal with.

It’s odd that – at least according to this report – the gunman yet again adopted the ‘uniform’ of others who have done this in the past – long hair, dressed all in black. Is it, for them, more about being someone than doing something?


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    SchoolsImprove I say we all big up #MrOlson and get him trending… doubt that’ll happen though. He’s just a teacher after all

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