Workload almost made me quit teaching – but I changed schools instead

Mrs Humanities, married to the job since 2012. That’s how my twitter profile starts. I love teaching; I’m dedicated to it. But is being ‘married to the job’ really a good thing? A geography teacher writes in Teachwire.

As with any relationship, though, it hasn’t been easy; in fact, I have wanted to divorce the job on many an occasion over the last six years. But like with all things worth fighting for, I’ve thought long and hard and come to an amicable agreement to try to give it another go.

According to official figures, 30% of teachers who qualified in 2011 had left the profession within five years. Four years into my own classroom career, I nearly became part of that statistic.

Like many others I know, I was working more than 12 hours a day, and throughout the weekends and holidays, either in preparation for the coming week or term or simply catching up on the things I hadn’t done earlier on.

Much of this included doing things to tick boxes, that had little benefit on my students but kept SLT happy. Sound familiar?

Eventually, in Spring 2016, this led to a breakdown. I cried in front of a class before the Easter holidays.

The stress had got too much; the sickening anxiety every morning, knowing that something else would be added to the huge to-do list, and that yet another scrutiny of some sort would be inevitable, all became too much. I broke.

For me, despite wanting to leave it all behind in Spring 2016, I decided that another go was needed before I could end the relationship for good.

I applied for a job at a different school and whilst I worried it would be more of the same, it turned out to be a great decision.

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