With their plan to abolish private schools, has the Labour Party forgotten about black people like me?

A solid education can open doors to your future. It can increase the likelihood of securing a good job or starting your own business. Fee-paying schools allow parents to make a financial investment in their child’s education in the face of investment gaps and flaws in the state sector. For black families, those gaps are wider, and the need greater. The Guardian reports. 

That is the reality the Labour Party has failed to grasp in its case for the abolition of fee-paying schools. 

In a world where success and failure are heavily linked to social class, there’s a new emerging black middle class that sees access to fee-paying schools as a prerequisite for their children’s success. 

Black children within the state school system face prejudice, stereotyping and bias – particularly when it comes to the ways they are grouped, assessed and disciplined. And that means the motive for sending black children to private school stems from shortcomings in the current state education system – with many families making huge sacrifices for the privilege. 

What gives the Labour Party the right to dictate anyone’s educational path or hinder their career trajectory? A private education isn’t automatically superior, but unless your child attends a top state school, is academically gifted or pushed to excel; the distressing likelihood for a black family is that your child will underperform in a state school. 

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  1. Anonymous

    For many years black parents have sent their children to private schools in the hope of improving their life chances. This is not new. The problem is that a very small proportion of those children go to private schools which give a decent standard of education. In the 1960’s, when I worked in community relations, it saddened me to see black children being promised opportunities by private schools which offered low standards, some of which were subsequently closed. Just a quick look at Ofsted reports for private schools shows that this is still the case. To suggest that many private schools are interested in anything but the profit/loss account it to ignore the evidence.

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