Wilshaw backs academy takeovers of coasting schools

The BBC is reporting that Sir Michael, back at work after an operation, has waded into the debate about standards in England’s schools…

In his first interview since his return, the Ofsted boss gave his unequivocal backing to government plans to intervene in schools consistently rated less than good.

He has long argued there is an unacceptable variation in standards in different parts of the country, and said the success of London and other cities showed improvement could happen in deprived areas.

While he would not be drawn on what exactly should trigger intervention in schools, he said the principle of such takeovers had his full backing.

“Why should a child in London, or parts of Liverpool or Newcastle have a better chance of going to a good school than a child in Suffolk or Norfolk?”

But head teachers’ unions have warned the new powers expected in the education bill could act as a deterrent for recruitment…

Sir Michael says this is the greatest challenge to improvement…

More at: Wilshaw backs academy takeovers of coasting schools


It’s probably no surprise this plan has Sir Michael’s backing as it reinforces some of his key themes.he does acknowledge two

However, he does acknowledge two issues in the full article: one, how can we ensure there are enough good head teachers to make the interventions and two, academies can fail too and he would back interventions into any type of school.

Any reactions or feedback to these comments from the Chief Inspector?

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  1. TW

    “Wilshaw backs academy takeovers of coasting schools”


    Where does he actually say that?

    Seems more like he is only backing intervention where justified.

  2. The largest proportion of less than good schools are in the secondary sector – the 30% figure has stalled.  But more than half of secondaries are already academies.  In the primary sector, on the other hand, the proportion of good and better schools has risen.  Most of these are not academies.

    Wilshaw, politicians et al should take notice of the Ed Select Committee report before election – stop exaggerating academy success, other types of schools do just as well.  Also the NAO report – informal interventions such as local support is more effective than formal intervention such as academy conversion (which is also the most expensive).

  3. Nairb

    The SoS is a one trick pony. The route to improving schools is academisation, thats the only solution. Evidence is ignored … see Janet2 post below … failing academies are never mentioned, the opinions of parents and the local community are ignored. This government treats all schools as its own property, they aren’t our schools any more and if the SoS wishes to hand them over to private companies then that’s what will happen.

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