‘Why schools fail people’: Rapper Professor Green hits out at teacher who tweeted ‘born for better things #cantbea****’ about her job

A teacher who tweeted she ‘couldn’t be a****’ at work has been slammed by rapper Professor Green. This is from the Daily Mail

The star told Clare Kelly, who teaches at St Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh, teachers like her were ‘one reason schools fail people’.

Ms Kelly, a drama and guidance teacher, had tweeted ‘Born for better things… #work #cantbea****#whensthenextholiday.’

The tweet came to the attention of Professor Green, who became an unlikely champion for standards in education when he told his own followers: ‘I’m about to give you an example of why schools fail people’.

He then re-tweeted her original tweet about being born for better things to his 1,836,387 followers.

Education chiefs in Edinburgh have taken ‘appropriate action’ against Ms Kelly, who reported herself to the headteacher as soon as the furore erupted.

Teachers are regularly warned about the perils of posting on social media and advised that careless remarks could land them in disciplinary trouble.

The teacher was met with a swarm of criticism online, including from former pupils.

But others rallied behind the teacher.

Edinburgh College acting and theatre performance lecturer John Naples-Campbell said her tweets were taken out of context.

He said: ‘Clare was one of my own mentors and I have never seen anyone as passionate about theatre and drama education as she is.

‘People are attacking her without knowing her.

‘People forget that teachers are not products – they are human beings and they have feelings.’

Teaching watchdogs the General Teaching Council for Scotland warned social media carried risks for staff.

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Was professor Green justified in making a deal out of this teacher’s tweet? Is it ever acceptable for a teacher to make a public comment disrespecting the value of teaching this way or should everyone be allowed to let off steam once in a while? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. biscuitsarenice

    SchoolsImprove everyone has those days. Using your influence to hurt someone’s career is not an admirable thing. Shame on the man!

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove His response is ultimately Cyberbullying by tweeting his followers. What a terrific role model he is

  3. chrismcd53

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Teacher Standards talks of bringing profession into disrepute – CPS view comments on SM equivalent to pub talk

  4. andylutwyche

    chrismcd53 SchoolsImprove So Teacher Standards suggests suggests that teachers shouldn’t do stuff that everyone else can do in essence

  5. SchoolsImprove

    andylutwyche chrismcd53 Fair point but not pleasant for parents to hear that teacher thinks job beneath them?

  6. chrismcd53

    SchoolsImprove andylutwyche the teacher reported was unwise in the extreme and an ill considered tweet has probably blighted career.

  7. chrismcd53

    SchoolsImprove andylutwyche letting off steam was most likely all she was doing – but is SM medium for that?

  8. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove chrismcd53 Agreed – that was naive to say that the job’s beneath her. Prof Green’s actions inexcusable mind

  9. LearnWLesley

    SchoolsImprove letting of steam about work @ home one thing,public domain foolish. If u wouldn’t say it 2 your boss or at work don’t say it

  10. goodwina1

    Yes, you are probably right but he has the professional integrity not to publish to the whole world when those days are! Improving standards of education for our children does not whatever the intention behind them!

  11. goodwina1

    1st posting should read: Improving standards of education for our children does not mean acceptance of such comments whatever the intention behind them.

  12. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Teachers, like everyone else, deserve to be called out! Children deserve the best. Well done Prof Green.

  13. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove That’s the risk you take trying to be smart. She appears to have forgotten the basics. Teachers should be role models.

  14. David_AC_Grant

    SchoolsImprove Off-hand remark retweeted by some ‘urban artist’ = disciplinary action – and people think this is ‘quite right’? Pathetic!

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