Why it’s great that outstanding schools will no longer be exempt from Ofsted Inspections

Did you know that headteachers have their own particular circadian rhythm? For most humans, the circadian rhythm – that internal process that regulates their sleep-wake cycle – repeats every 24 hours. The headteachers’ rhythm however, beats to a different drum: Ofsted. A primary school headteacher writes in Teachwire.

Take the head of a ‘good’ school, for example. Their cycle lasts about four years.

If you’re the head of an requires improvement (RI) school it’s slightly different. Your body clock works on an 18-month cycle.

A jolly time of permanently feeling like you’re running down an upwardly moving escalator when you’re already late for a train.

But what about those heads of outstanding schools? Well, their internal rhythm lasts, oh, I don’t know, 10 years? 12? 20? 50? A million? They get a lifetime of peace and relaxation, safe in the knowledge that Ofsted will never darken their door again. That’s the real reason heads long for an outstanding judgement.

Not because it’s a validation that their school is amazing, but because it means they’ll no longer have that anxiety dream when Ofsted arrive at your school the day you forgot to put your trousers on.

Read the full article and why this teacher welcomes the recent changes Why it’s great that outstanding schools will no longer be except from Ofsted Inspections 

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