Why do we all work overtime? Because other teachers do

It is no secret that most teachers work well beyond their contracted hours, and the pay teachers receive for the hours they are actually contracted for – let alone the extra ones – is disgraceful. All in all, it has led to a recruitment crisis the likes of which the industry has never seen before, alongside an unprecedented exodus from the profession. Tes reports.

“I love representing my clients in court, so I love working overtime for no fee,” said no lawyer ever. 

Most self-respecting organisations acknowledge that it is unhealthy for employees to work ridiculous hours. Not schools. In fact, not only are schools willing to allow their employees to work ridiculous hours, they expect it. 

I have heard teachers say things like: “I keep Saturdays free, and I only work about four hours on Sunday. I think that’s fair enough.” 

No. It is not fair. It is wrong. You are using your free time to catch up on work, which then increases the expectations on other teachers to do the same. Working overtime is not something to be proud of, and it leads to an unhealthy work culture in which expectations become unmanageable. 

Buying materials for the classroom and sending emails on a Sunday evening. Is this you? Read the full article Why do we all work overtime? Because other teachers do 

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