Why climate change is becoming a growing concern for teachers to ensure children learn key facts about the environment

It is clear that the climate crisis is something younger generations care about deeply. Meanwhile, all corners of society are catching up on understanding the issue, and the responsibility on schools to provide appropriate teaching on the subject is heavy. iNews reports.

In the UK, climate change is a compulsory part of the school curriculum – but only until the age of 14, when many pupils drop geography in favour of other GCSE subjects. It is a topic of growing concern among teachers and politicians alike – and earlier this year the Labour Party made a pledge to introduce climate change as a subject in its own right if the party came into power. 

A YouGov poll published in June this year found 69 per cent of UK teachers felt there should be greater focus on climate change within lessons, but at the same time around three-quarters admitted they did not feel adequately trained on the subject.

One project aiming to change this is being run by a group called eduCCate Global – a UN-accredited teacher-training scheme. The idea is for every school in the UK – and eventually the world – to have a climate-change ambassador, ensuring all children have access to key facts on environmental factors.

The brainchild of Melanie Harwood said “At first, I had to beg people to sign up to this – teachers said that they didn’t have time, that it wouldn’t work, but now it’s gone viral”  Since its launch on 22 April this year, more than 20,000 teachers have signed up, and as many as 77 schools around the world are signing up every hour.

Have you signed up? Incorporating the course into your own subject can be easier than you think, read how. Why climate change is becoming a growing concern for teachers to ensure children learn key facts about the environment 

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