Which party is tackling the injustice of grammar schools? None has the guts

Whatever the outcome of the general election, one group of heads will have every reason to be content. The leaders of England’s 163 grammar schools have made it through another campaign with barely a word uttered about the bastions of privilege over which they preside. The Guardian reports.

How different from 2017, when Theresa May’s retro idea to create new grammar schools ensured that the arguments for selection (slim) and against (substantial) were rehearsed frequently and loudly.

In the end, the hung parliament meant any thought of trying to implement such a contentious pledge was quickly abandoned. However, the relentless focus on grammar schools’ advantaged intakes meant the government offered more money – £50m this year – for them to expand in return for a promise of widening access to disadvantaged children.

Abolition of selective tests is nowhere to be seen. Even the Green party seems to have dropped this idea. Labour has chosen to prioritise the issue of private education and kicked the grammar issue into the long grass of a future social justice commission. Only the Liberal Democrats have promised to halt grammar school expansion.

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