‘What’s the matter with you?’: headteacher hits out at ‘maniac’ parents who drive to school too fast

The Telegraph is reporting that a headteacher has attacked “maniac” parents who drive too fast as they drop their children off at school…

Jim Holditch’s newsletter appeal has been praised by those convinced someone will be knocked down and killed outside Godinton Primary School in Ashford, Kent.

He said to speeding parents dropping off their children in the morning: “What is the matter with some of you.”

The head acted after the school’s caretaker Peter Smith saw a silver BMW “nearly take off as it went over speed bumps”.

In a 500-word personal message in the latest school newsletter, Mr Holditch wrote: “We all know children don’t walk anywhere, they run. We also all know they run without looking or generally being aware of anything around them…

“What is the matter with some of you!?! This is a school.

“Even at 8am, there are children walking around the site, particularly now we have a nursery here as well as our own Breakfast Club.

“If you’re late, tough. Get up earlier. Get yourself sorted. Or just arrive late at work. But don’t drive your car at any speed on this site.

“If you drive like a maniac because you’re late for work, it will only be a matter of time before a child is hurt or, God help us, even worse…”


Do you share Mr Holditch’s concerns at the apparently irresponsible behaviour of some parents on the school run? Anyone managed to make an impact? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. 5N_Afzal

    The Head was absolutely correct in writing in these terms. If this letter makes even one parent thjnk and slow down IT would have been worth it.

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