What is Effective CPD?

FE News reports that research on CPD demonstrates that many teachers and trainers do not participate in professional development activities and the most common reasons given are conflicts in work schedules and an absence of incentives for participation.

Add to this a marked decline in investment by schools supported by figures compiled by the Teacher Development Trust earlier this year found that across the whole education sector, schools spend an average of just 0.7 per cent of their income on developing their teaching workforce.

This unfortunately all contributes to the promotion of an increasing trend towards “do-it-yourself” CPD where the most ambitious and self-motivated teachers and educators benefit the most, as will those who are able to spend weekends and their own money on their professional development.

So in a climate where time and money are declining, it is vital and all the more important that CPD is effective and that any time devoted to professional development is well planned, adequately resourced and meaningful.

Which leads us to ask so what is truly effective CPD? And how do we all achieve professional development that not only informs and keeps us up to date but also makes the best use of the limited time and resources we have to invest in ourselves?

5 Easy Steps towards better CPD:

  1. Reflectionand self-assessment – the starting point for all CPD activity should be a bench-marking exercise to find out exactly where you are in your current role and examines your professional development needs. Self-assessment can be based on variety of different tools and should be focused on your current role and aim to examine your professional development needs covering areas such as compliance, rules and regulations, knowledge and skills that may need improvement.
  2. Planning – determining the most efficient use of time and resource to meet development needs and making sure that any time you plan to spend on professional development takes you forwards and doesn’t waste your time.

Read more steps towards better CPD What is Effective CPD?

Do you need more CPD? Is it your schools responsibility or yours? Do you already pay for your own CPD? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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