What if parents are right about SRE?

The recent and ongoing protests by parents at Parkfield Community School and Anderton Park School, in Birmingham, have shed a light on the teaching of sex, relationships and sexuality in schools in England and Wales. Teachwire reports

Fierce debates have occurred. Some accuse parents of being homophobes and not keeping up with the changing nature of UK society. While defenders have agreed that it is the right of parents to withdraw their children and, ultimately, that matters of sex and sexuality are the preserve of the home and are matters of private conscience.

What makes this debate even more interesting is that research has shown that Millennials are having less sex, drinking, taking drugs and smoking less. If they are less likely to engage in these risky behaviours, is there any need for the extension of PSHE and RSE education? Surely the younger generation, now being more risk-averse, are safer than they’ve ever been?

However, the question remains – is it the place of the State and schools to teach children about sex and sexuality? As Joanna Williams has argued, we are in danger of entering a brave new world of state approved sex and relationships. While the desire to try and help children through these messy stages of life comes from a good place, does the state have a right to mandate what a healthy relationship looks like?

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