What Exactly is a ‘Reasonable’ Teacher Workload?

The message from headteachers is stark: they are unable to recruit the teachers they need to continue to drive up standards. The situation is particularly difficult for schools serving disadvantaged communities. Teachwire reports. 

Teachers have always worked long hours but in the last decade or so, the demands upon them have ramped up to unreasonable and unsustainable levels.

Key to the success of this was finding a middle ground which meant that headteachers were confident that their schools would still deliver good provision and improve outcomes, while school staff unions could be certain that the proposals would actually cut their members’ excessive workloads.

Finding that sweet spot was greatly helped by the reports of the three DfE working parties, established following the government’s own workload challenge consultation.

They provided well-argued and clear recommendations which we were able to take to form the basis of the Nottingham fair workload charter.

In brief, the charter defines what ‘reasonable’ means in terms of the additional hours teachers are expected to work beyond directed time each day.

For us, this means that school policies should be deliverable within no more than an additional two hours a day beyond directed time for teachers (and three hours a day for those with leadership responsibilities).

Schools adopting the charter receive the Education Improvement Board fair workload logo to use on their adverts and publicity.

This reassures potential applicants about the workload demands that will be placed on them in choosing a charter school over one elsewhere that has not adopted it.

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