Welsh head banned for altering year six pupils’ test scores to try and hit government targets

The Mail is reporting that a headteacher has been banned from the classroom for two years after it emerged she was fiddling test scores for her year six pupils in a bid to hit government targets.

Shan Harries, 47, headmistress of Eglwyswrw County Primary School in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, was found to have changed year six pupils’ test results.

A hearing was told she felt ‘under pressure’ to hit the new targets so she began raising pupils grades despite their being ‘no evidence’ they had reached that level.

An Education Workforce Council has now banned Harries from the profession for two years after ruling she acted unprofessionally.

Chairman Richard Parry-Jones said: ‘This case involved deliberate dishonest conduct which is fundamentally so serious to undermine the confidence and trust of pupils, parents and colleagues.

‘Shan Harries’ acts were deliberate and very serious in terms of their impact on learners and on the confidence of the public in the teaching profession.’

The headteacher was in charge when Estyn – the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted – visited Eglwyswrw County Primary School in December 2013…

A Pembrokeshire County Council investigation found that 11 Welsh writing test scores had been changed and Mrs Davies was suspended from her role at the school in June 2014.

In a statement read out to the hearing Mrs Davies said she was ‘full of remorse’ for her actions.

She said: ‘I dedicated my entire life to my work as teacher and head teacher at Eglwyswrw County Primary School, and I am fully aware of the full extent of my actions.

‘I relive it every day and night and I am full of remorse at what has happened.

‘I had to deal with all the rumours and gossip that naturally occurs when a head teacher leaves a school suddenly in a close knit community.’

Mrs Harris was removed from the teaching register and will be able to reapply in two years…

More at: Headmistress is banned from the classroom for altering year six pupils’ test scores to try and hit government targets 


Head teachers are under enormous pressure but cheating is surely plain wrong and grossly unfair on all those playing by the rules?

It is also potentially very unfair on the children involved and, at the end of the day, only serves the head concerned.

Is a two year ban therefore an appropriate sanction?

Please let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. gasman_g

    SchoolsImprove Not sure about the “government targets” bit… makes it sound like the system left her no choice. She falsified test scores

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