We only have 26 black teachers out of 1,346 in Bristol, and that’s a problem

Not enough is being done to actively recruit black and ethnic minority teachers – and it is causing a huge divide in Bristol. The Bristol Post reports

That is the damning verdict from the Runnymede Trust, whose research in 2017 named Bristol as the most segregated core city in Britain.

Now an investigation by BBC Inside Out West has showed Bristol only has 26 black teachers in our 19 secondary schools – out of the 1,346 who teach our children. That is fewer than two black teachers per secondary school in one of the most diverse cities in the country.

It is a worrying statistic, and means only 1.9 per cent of our teachers are black, compared to the six per cent of the Bristol’s population.

Nearly a third of the Runnymede Trust’s report is focused on education and the under representation of BME teachers in our schools.

Only 4.4 per cent of teachers here from BME backgrounds, compared to the 7.5 per cent nationally.

One student told the programme: “If I had a black teacher it would make such a difference, because kids would see that everyone is being represented.”

Another said: “If I had a black teacher, it would make me more comfortable. If I had more black teachers teaching me, it would be definitely make a difference on my education.”

The Runnymede Trust said: “Not enough is being done to ‘get out there’ and actively recruit BME people into the teaching profession. Also perhaps we need to start encouraging young BMEs to think about teaching as a career at an earlier stage.”

Jon Angell, principal at City Academy, is one of those who finds the under representation wrong. 

“Where are we going to get them from? We can set ourselves ridiculous targets, but unless they are there, unless they are applying, unless they are trained to teach, then you are not going to recruit them.”

Read more and watch the video We only have 26 black teachers out of 1,346 in Bristol, and that’s a problem

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  1. Anonymous

    If a white child said that about wanting a white teacher, they would be disciplined for racism.

    If I were black, I wouldn’t want to be a teacher just because of my skin colour. These ‘diversity’ drives are pure racism.

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