WCAT to be wound up after schools lost £2m in collapse

With liquidation expected to begin later this month, former staff and trustees have criticised management of Wakefield City Academies Trust (WCAT). The BBC reports.

They said chief executive Mike Ramsay was paid more than £270,000 while teachers were left “begging” for funds.

Former office manager Kirstie Whipp said: “Anything Mike wanted Mike would get, he always had the best phone, the best laptop, best iPad, we used the most expensive equipment.

“There’d been quite a lot on the news about schools having their funding cut but that wasn’t the impression, I remember thinking ‘what are they all on about, there seems to be quite a lot of money in education’.”

Mrs Whipp claimed he was paid £145 per hour, claiming for “maybe 16, 17 hours a day”.

Read more findings in the full article and on the BBC’s Inside Out programme  WCAT to be wound up after schools lost £2m in collapse 

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  1. MarkB

    Interesting article. Watched the programme on iplayer. if you were to stand in a different place you would get a different perspective.

    The journalist didn’t ask the right questions so I ask my self how much was it a staged managed avoiding the truth?

    Even the BBC managed to fall into a trap!

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