Wave of support for school’s ban on parents wearing pyjamas

The Guardian is reporting that a primary school headteacher says she has been bombarded with supportive messages after writing to parents asking them to wash in the morning and to stop dropping off their children in their pyjamas.

Kate Chisholm, head of Skerne Park Academy in Darlington, made the appeal after noticing an increase in parents wearing pyjamas at the school gates and even at Christmas performances…

Her letter to parents on Monday went viral after being shared on social media. But it may not have had the desired effect on the 50 parents – out of a school of 450 children – who regularly turn up to the school gates in their nightwear.

“Funnily, since it’s gone on Facebook and gone viral, a number of parents wore pyjamas deliberately today to make a point. It’s the same old culprits,” Chisholm said.

“I’ve had loads of parents ringing me saying they support it, saying they’re pleased we’re making a stand, because they’re very proud of their estate and they don’t want to have the ‘Benefits Street’ image.”

She added: “It’s crept up and it seems to be normalised, so more people do it. It just came to a point where it seemed quite a substantial number of parents doing it.

“We’ve also had some people who haven’t been very nice about it. But the people who haven’t been supportive have been more jumping on the moral high ground of ‘who am I to tell people how to dress’ – and a couple of disgruntled parents who don’t like me anyway. Proportionately, it’s been overwhelmingly supportive.”…

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Meanwhile, according to the Express, at least one parent is having none of it: Parents defy letter telling them not to wear PJs on school run by turning up in nightwear


Fascinating reaction – does it make you wish for more heads to be prepared to take a similar stance?

Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…

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