1. ballater6

    SchoolsImprove an article politicians and PC brigade should read! Always easier to blame teachers for the evils in society

    • SchoolsImprove

      ballater6 Jan makes some very interesting points and I am sure many in and out of schools would agree with the arguments she makes


    SchoolsImprove this will never be taken seriously. It’s too big a task to address these (very real) issues and it would be very unpopular.

    • SchoolsImprove

      PODCASTREVISION Would it really be unpopular though? Would not most parents be in agreement with many of Jan’s arguments?


        SchoolsImprove agree 100% but I think case of preaching to the converted. There are too many too disenfranchised from society to care

        • janbaker97

          @PODCASTREVISION SchoolsImprove  At what point do we need to take a stand then to address this?  Or is it okay to allow it to go on indefinitely?

  3. BloomandGrow2

    SchoolsImprove Sadly, too many teachers still have neither the time nor the skills to engage parents to build working relationships

    • JeniHooper

      SchoolsImprove school success a blend of teaching, parenting and child’s resilience. Extended schools concept had merit to work on all 3

  4. JaPenn56

    SchoolsImprove Agree both need to take responsibility, along w sanctions need education & aspiration. Is it can’t/won’t parent? Diff probs.

    • janbaker97

      @JaPenn56 SchoolsImprove yes definitely different.  I know many supportive parents but who are at their wits end with their offspring & have no idea what to do with them…..

  5. 37RunnerGirl

    SchoolsImprove #brilliant parents need to be parents, stop letting children rule the roost at home. Set boundaries & stick to them!

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