How virtual learning classrooms help students with anxiety and other mental health issues succeed

Parents and teachers increasingly face the question of how best to help students suffering from debilitating anxiety to succeed academically, and rapid advances in technology are now offering fresh answers. Teachwire reports. 

Online learning opportunities and virtual classrooms providing flexible and personalised learning to support students who are falling behind.

So how can schools tap into these benefits and use these new learning strategies most effectively to support vulnerable students?

According to the Mental Health Foundation (2015) 10 per cent of school children aged 5-16 have a diagnosable mental illness, and it is thought that in an average class of 30 young people, three will have a mental health problem (Young Minds).

These experiences can often have a devastating impact on the academic prospects of such students, as overwhelmed pupils miss classes, fall behind on their work and disengage with content.

New online learning platforms can help avoid many of the triggers in traditional teaching methods which make it harder for students to keep on top of their work.

So how do virtual classrooms help anxious students?

1. Help break a downward spiral by offering a flexible and safe space for learning.

Online classrooms reduce the amount of time students struggling with mental health issues have to spend in school by enabling them to catch up on what they’ve missed and access the learning in a flexible way at a time, and in an environment, that suits them best.

2. Facilitate personalised and differentiated learning

By using virtual classrooms, learners can access personalised content tailored to gaps in their knowledge and suited to their skill level

Seizing the opportunities provided by integrating virtual learning alongside more traditional teaching methods is one important way to begin offering pupils better and more personalised support, equipping them with the right tools and environment to succeed academically.

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