Village school alerted as panther reported on the loose in Kent countryside

The Mirror is reporting that hundreds of parents received text messages warning them that a panther had been spotted near their primary school. 

The alarm was raised on Wednesday morning after a very large black cat was seen in a sleepy Kent village.

The text sent to parents at two local schools read: “For your information: There has been a sighting of a black panther outside Brookline Coaches in Ryarsh this morning.

“ The police have been informed.” 

…Parents of pupils at Ryarsh and Offham County primary schools received the message at 8.35am…

Kent Police confirmed they had been called out to reports of a panther on the loose.

A police spokesman said: “Kent Police received a call at 8.35am to a report that a large black cat had been seen in the Ryarsh area.

“A search of the area took place but no such animals were located.”

This is not the first reported sighting of a panther in the English countryside, with big cats spotted in in Essex and Devon earlier this year.

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These kinds of things can gather enormous momentum in local communities (especially if someone comes up with a catchy ‘Beast of Bodmin’ type nickname) but do you think the schools should be issuing warnings like this to parents?

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