Use of tablet computers in schools continues to grow (but rate is slowing)

The TES is reporting that the growth in school purchases of tablet computers is slowing down partly because parents are being expected to pay for the devices themselves…

Currently, almost three-quarters of schools now use tablet computers such as the iPad in lessons, and there are an estimated 721,000 tablets such computers in schools.

But a new survey of 632 schools from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has found that although the number of tablets provided by schools is still rising, the growth is not as quick as was once predicted – especially in secondary schools.

The association’s report estimates that in five years’ time, 46 per cent of computers owned by primaries will be tablets – down from a previous estimate of 48 per cent.

Of computers owned by secondaries, it predicts that 40 per cent will be tablets by 2020 – down from a previous estimate of 49 per cent.

The report states: “This is a lower figure than previously forecast, which is due to expected increases in parent-purchased devices and the advancement of hybrid devices and other low-cost computer options, such as Chromebooks…”

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Interesting that the report mentions Chromebooks because these seem to me to be a more suitable option from a technology perspective…

They are cheaper, everything exists in the cloud so they are much easier to set up and share, and they are better for ‘real-world’ skills where keyboard use is still important. 

I use Apple computers all day long but I can’t help feel the iPad is an expensive gimmick when it comes to education. 

Am I wrong?

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