US teens charged over school grade hacking

Sky News is reporting that three teenagers are facing long jail sentences after being charged with hacking their school’s computer systems in a bid to change grades and class schedules.

The three seniors at Commack High School on Long Island, New York, face charges including burglary, computer tampering, identity theft and eavesdropping.

Daniel Soares, Erick Vaysman and Alex Mosquera – all 17 – were released from custody without bail after appearing in court on Tuesday.

The school district alerted authorities of the breach in July after officials determined an unauthorised person or group had altered schedules for about 300 students, Suffolk County police said.

A subsequent investigation led to Soares, whom police described as the mastermind behind the hack.

He is accused of breaking into the school after hours and installing a device that gave him remote access to usernames and passwords.

Police said he used the stolen information to infiltrate the school’s computers, alter class schedules and eventually grades – including his own and those of Vaysman and Mosquera..

Soares, who faces the most serious charges, could be sentenced up to 11 years in prison if convicted…

The school district said it is working with a private company to review its network security…

More at: US teens charged over school grade hacking


Not wanting to be alarmist or anything, but are computer systems in schools over here secure enough to foil any attempts from hackers, whether pupils or otherwise?


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