US teachers urged to drop ‘traditional textbooks’ in favour of shared resources online

The TES is reporting that the US government is urging teachers to “move away from traditional textbooks” and switch to freely accessible shared resources online.

Arne Duncan, the US education secretary, said at a conference that the use of online resources was “transforming learning” because material could be “constantly updated and adjusted to meet students’ needs”.

The US Department of Education has launched a national campaign, called #GoOpen, to encourage schools to replace “old, expensive textbooks” with “new, up-to-date, openly licensed educational resources”. Mr Duncan said the increased use of such resources would “ensure that all students – no matter their zip code – have access to high-quality learning resources”.

The launch comes as ministers in the UK are urging schools to return to the use of traditional printed textbooks. Schools minister Nick Gibb said in a speech in June that good textbooks “provide a structured, well-honed progression through a subject’s content”…

More at: US teachers urged to drop ‘traditional textbooks’ in favour of shared resources online


Clearly a transatlantic difference of opinion on this one – who do you think has it right , and why?

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  1. No doubt those supplying on-line resources to US pupils will be salivating.  But Amplify (an offshoot of News Corp) failed and was sold off (perhaps Murdoch’s now regretting that).  
    That said, there’s a place for on-line resources, textbooks, printed sheets (from on-line, perhaps!) in teachers’ repertoires.  It’s horses for courses.  And beware politicians promoting only one way as the best.

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