US schools battle worrying trend of ‘e-terrorism’ with threats sent by text or social media almost impossible to trace

The Mail is reporting that US school safety experts have reported a ‘worrying increase’ in e-terrorism, where threats are sent electronically – sometimes from thousands of miles away…

The Ohio-based National School Safety and Security Services reviewed more than 800 school threats covered in the media during the first half of the 2014-15 academic year.

Researchers found that about one-third of cases involved violent remarks sent anonymously via text message, social media, email or other online means. 

Law enforcement officers say the use of the modern technologies has made it much harder to determine if a threat is real and to find the culprit.

In many cases, swift action is taken with lockdowns and evacuations. However, authorities say the majority of the time threats turn out to be hoaxes…

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I hate to say it but I can imagine this becoming quite a trend that will affect us over here too – it’s just such an easy way of causing disruption for anyone with a grudge or nothing better to do. Your thoughts?


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  1. Threats should be taken seriously and police informed.  If the culprit (who is probably someone known to the school rather than a mischievous hacker in another country) is found, prosecution should follow in the case of an adult.  If the sender is a child, parents should be involved before taking appropriate action, eg restorative justice, expulsion, police involvement, could be taken.

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