US high school rocked by ‘massive sexting ring’

The Independent is reporting that a school district in Colorado is in shock after police revealed that more than 100 students had been trading naked picture and posting them on social media as part of a large “sexting ring”.

US media said some of the children in the images were as young as 12 and that the pupils used ‘secret’ mobile apps to hide things from parents. Police and prosecutors are now discussing whether or not to bring child sexual abuse charges against some of those accused of involvement in the behaviour at Canon City High School. No charges have been brought yet.

The New York Times reported that members of the school’s American Football team, the Cañon City Tigers, were accused of being at the centre of the sexting ring.

On Thursday night, separate community meetings were held for parents of the sports players and parents of other students to address the scandal, which has shocked the town. The team was forced to forfeit its final game of the season.

George Welsh, the superintendent of the Cañon City school system, said students at Cañon City High School had been circulating 300 to 400 nude photographs, including images of “certainly over 100 different kids,” on their cellphones.

“This is a lot of kids involved,” he said, adding that the children in the pictures were believed to be students at the high school as well as some from the middle school…”

…Students used password-protected “phone vaults,” apps that often appear to be simple calculators at first glance, to hide the photos from their parents and school officials…

Even if the sexts were consensual, students could face child sex abuse charges and sex offender status under Colorado law. Formal charges will be determined by the Fremont County District Attorney’s Office…

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It’s hard to feel sure similar things aren’t happening over here too, isn’t it, albeit perhaps not with the same apparent degree of organisation?

Any indications teenagers are getting the message that sharing images like this is not ok?


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