‘Urgent action’ needed for inadequate Reading schools, Ofsted says

The BBC is reporting that an Ofsted report has suggested “urgent action” is needed to tackle the “sharp rise” in inadequate schools in Reading…

…Following the focused inspection of 10 of the 56 schools in Reading in October 2014, Ofsted found only one school had improved since its last inspection and three schools had got worse.

Two of these “had declined so significantly that they now require special measures”.

South East Ofsted director Sir Robin Bosher said: “It concerns me that there has been a sharp rise in the number of schools judged to be inadequate in Reading since October 2013.

He added he was “particularly worried” the council’s lack of action had led to some schools needing special measures.

Councillor John Ennis, Reading’s lead member for education, will be meeting with head teachers and chairs of governors to help “schools to drive forward their own improvement”…

More at: ‘Urgent action’ needed for inadequate Reading schools, Ofsted says


See more directly from Ofsted at: Urgent action needed to tackle underperforming schools in Reading


Any insights into the situation in Reading schools? Are the concerns raised by Ofsted justified? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I don’t imagine that schools intended to get “worse”. Could it be they ticked the wrong boxes for the current edu climate?

  2. lindaparejones

    SchoolsImprove ‘all our schools need to be outstanding’. If they were they wouldn’t ‘stand out’ anymore. Ofsteds stupid use of language

  3. rdgresident

    Ofsted appear to want RBC to support academies yet have no control over academies which are independent of local control. Ofsted want the council to provide support but the council does not have the resources remaining to do so due to government cuts.

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