University makes ‘stress busting’ flexible grade offer

The BBC is reporting that a UK university is making “safety net” offers to students applying for places for next year – which would guarantee admission even if they missed by one A-level grade.

Reading University’s stress-reducing offer is the latest example of the competition to attract students.

The university sees it as a more “honest” approach to applications.

A University of Reading spokesman said it reflected a “very aggressive, competitive undergraduate market”…

Mary Curnock Cook, head of the Ucas admissions service, said last week that more than half of students accepted on to degree courses last year had missed their required results by two or more grades…

University vice-chancellor and former Universities Minister Bill Rammell has said it would be fairer for the admissions process to take place after students have their A-level results

A University of Reading spokesman said: “We’ve had record intakes and applications in the last two years, but we can’t afford to stand still.

“More strategic, targeted offer-making is the reality of a very aggressive, competitive undergraduate market. 

“Universities are not wrapped in cotton wool any more by student number caps – we need to be much more proactive. 

“Every application is judged equally and individually on merit. 

“We are piloting new approaches to drive up the number of firm acceptances, convert students who may otherwise have put us as insurance and to make sure we attract high-calibre students…”

More at: University of Reading makes flexible grade offer


If university vice-chancellors really want to earn their ludicrously high salaries why don’t they grasp the nettle and work out how to process applications after results are achieved rather than coming up with these increasingly embarrassing attempts to get anyone they can through their doors? 

What next? Persuade three friends to come and you’ll get a place free? Wear a university cap in school and we’ll knock a grade off your offer?

It’s getting silly isn’t it?

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