University campus closes with no students after one year – at a cost of £750,000 to the taxpayer

The Independent is reporting that a university in London has been forced to close its doors after just one year – because no students signed up to study for courses.

The University of South Wales (USW) opened-up its London centre in the heart of the city’s Docklands last year at a cost of £300,000, promising to deliver a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses in the fields of law and financial services, and information security.

Now, though, having recruited four staff members, the institution has had to close after failing to spark any interest, shipping its resources back to South Wales.

The Welsh Shadow Minister for Education, Angela Burns, has hit-out at the institution’s failed venture – and for wasting taxpayers’ money – during what, she described to WalesOnline, as being “an uncertain period for Welsh higher education.”

The university said it was relying on international students to help the venture take-off, but cited the Government’s toughening of visa regulations – which made it harder to recruit any foreign students – as being the reason why it has had to close two years earlier than anticipated…

Gareth Morgans, who is regional organiser of the general trade union GMB in Wales, …blasted USW for “a frivolous waste of money” on a project that was never going to succeed and said the money would have been better spend on the Caerleon campus which would have been “vibrant…”

More at: University of South Wales’ London campus closes with no students after one year – at a cost of £750,000 to the taxpayer, say reports


I suspect this is a more complicated story than presented here but it doesn’t sound the most sensible of initiatives. 

What was the logic in expecting students in London to want to study at a university based in South Wales rather than London itself?

Any insights or feedback you would add? 


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  1. spawneedave

    Many regional universities have a campus in London as they are seen as very lucrative. International students often want to study in London, but might not have the entry requirements for LSE or other big guns. Opting instead for smaller institutions which may have lower entry requirements, plus the appeal of a smaller campus with smaller class sizes.

  2. Collaborateman

    SchoolsImprove Easy to be shocked by this one. Many universities are opening campuses where the overseas students live…more sensible

  3. stwynn

    SchoolsImprove Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it succeeded, same people wud b pushing forward to grab part of the spotlight.

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