University applications to be anonymous, says David Cameron

The BBC is reporting that David Cameron has confirmed that candidates’ names will be removed from university application forms from 2017.

The move is part of a plan to prevent unconscious bias against candidates from minority groups, said Mr Cameron, writing in the Guardian newspaper. ..

The admissions body UCAS said it was keen to boost minority student numbers…

UCAS chief executive, Mary Curnock Cook, said it would consult with degree-awarding institutions on name-blind applications “as well as a wider range of changes which could impact applications from black and ethnic minority students”. 

She added: “UCAS is deeply committed to increasing participation from disadvantaged groups.”

The admissions body said its own research helped it identify issues of under-representation at UK universities and colleges…

More at: University applications to be anonymous, says David Cameron


See the article from David Cameron in full from the Guardian at: The Conservatives have become the party of equality


We covered this policy yesterday but before the participation of Ucas was made clear. 

Do you think they are right to adopt the ‘name-blind’ approach or, as has been suggested, could it end up being counter-productive with many universities already actively looking to boost participation of under-represented groups?

Please give us your insights and reactions in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Gilli

    Regardless of name blind application it’s the school the applicant went to and the address that is likely to tell more about the background of a student – what a pointless policy – when the university asks candidate to attend interview names and subsequent offers will be made on attainment – ridiculous idea from a government that knows nothing of fairness in society.

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