Universities to be hit by large-scale lecturers’ strike

Hundreds of thousands of students could face disruption this week as universities are brought to a standstill as part of a national strike. This is from the Telegraph

Lectures and tutorials at universities across the UK are expected to be cancelled after unions representing academics and support staff vowed to press ahead with industrial action.

Members of the University and College Union will walk out on Thursday – alongside staff belonging to Unison and Unite – as part of an ongoing row over pay.

Unions insist that a one per cent pay rise offered to lecturers, technicians and administration workers represents a significant real-terms cut in salaries. It is claimed that staff have seen wages effectively reduced by 13 per cent pay over the last five years.

Activists suggest that tens of thousands of staff members will walk out this week in a move that could partially close universities across the UK.

It would be the first protest of its kind since academics took action in a row over pensions in 2011 and the first strike specifically related to pay since 2006…

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