Universities split over pay deductions for action short of strike

UK union members taking industrial action in the row over pay and pensions face varying policies on salary deductions for taking action short of a strike, depending on the institution in which they work. Times Higher Education reports.

Members of the University and College Union were due to return to work on 5 December after an eight-day walkout, but were set to continue action short of a strike, including working to contract, not covering for absent colleagues, and refusing to reschedule lectures lost to strike action.

A survey of the 60 universities involved in the industrial action by Times Higher Education found that there were varying responses to this form of industrial action. All institutions said that they would not deduct pay for working to contract, but many argued that failing to cover for colleagues or to reschedule lectures would be a breach of contract.

Some, such as Loughborough University and the University of Sussex, said that they would monitor the impact of action short of strike before making a decision on pay deductions. Others, including the universities of Bristol and Reading, said that they would deduct 25 per cent of salary for partial performance, while the University of Exeter said that it had listed a number of “priority activities” to be completed by 13 December and would deduct pay only if these were not fulfilled.

The variation is another sign that there is not total agreement between university leaders on how to respond to the strikes

Who will get paid and who won’t? Read the full article Universities split over pay deductions for action short of strike 

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