Universities forced to turn away high-quality teacher trainees in new race-for-places system

The TES is reporting warnings from universities that schools could lose out on high-quality NQTs next year because of a change to the system which means they are forced to turn away potential teachers as popular subjects fill up.

Applications for PE on university teacher training courses have already been closed. And today universities were scrambling to sign up history candidates.

There are concerns that the subject – now 90 per cent full – will be closed in the next day or so…

Christine Counsell, a senior lecturer at Cambridge, said the situation was “dire”. “We have no shortage of brilliant applicants for the coming year,” she said. “But we refuse to rush the process. We have selected 21 terrific applicants and the plan is to put them through our usual tough selection process.

“But if the cap on numbers comes down tomorrow that won’t happen and the Cambridge history PGCE will disappear.”

Katharine Vincent, programme leader for secondary PGCE at the IoE, said she had one candidate who, at short notice, had booked a flight from Saudi Arabia for an interview tomorrow…

“We have 15 partner schools which have School Direct places for history and [when recruitment closes] we will direct applicants to those schools. But not all of them will want that. The system is not working. No one thinks it is working. It hasn’t been properly thought through,” said Ms Vincent…

More at: High-quality teacher trainees being turned away under new race-for-places system


What do you make of the situation being described by the university teacher training course providers here?

Does it sound s bit odd that they are ready to accept students, and students are keen to come, but they are unable to recruit any more when there are still places via school-led routes?

Tell us how you see this one in the comments or via twitter…


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