Unions: Teachers’ pay rise ‘will spell cuts’

The BBC is reporting that teaching unions have reacted angrily to a new pay deal, under which England’s top teachers could get up to 2% rises…

The Department for Education published recommendations for the settlement in England, within the 1% pay limit agreed by ministers in 2012.

The deal means schools will be able to award the most deserving teachers more, but only out of existing budgets.

But teaching unions said as there was no extra money, many teachers would not get the standard 1% rise at all…

Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, said: “The STRB has acknowledged the NUT’s concerns about teacher supply.

“It told the government very clearly that schools are having problems recruiting NQTs [newly qualified teachers] and experienced teachers alike.

“The STRB also sent a clear signal that it would have increased teachers’ pay by more, if the government were willing to fund it.”

She added: “The government’s decision to freeze school funding means that even a 1% pay increase this year will lead to cuts elsewhere in schools – but its decision to allow schools to decide whether teachers get any increase means that many teachers may not even get 1%…”

Christine Keates, head of the NASUWT teaching union, said: “Whilst the review body may be acting with the best of intentions in seeking to introduce the opportunity for some teachers to receive up to 2%, unfortunately, this is still within the Treasury pay cap and takes no account of the fact that, thanks to the coalition government’s changes to the pay structure, schools can use their pay flexibilities to seek to avoid paying teachers any award at all…”

She added: “A survey of NASUWT members found that by December 2014, 51% of teachers had not received the 1% cost-of-living increase last year, which should have been paid in September…

Teachers received a 1% rise last year, in line with the two-year pay cap across the public sector introduced in 2012.

The 1% cap is to be extended to 2015-2016…

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I imagine one other impact – for good or bad – will be more mobility as heads make bigger offers to fill gaps, and teachers not offered the maximum look at opportunities elsewhere instead. If you were given less than the average 1% increase, would you look to move to another school?


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    SchoolsImprove This highlights the cherry-picking of facts by ministers in press releases. No school can afford any sort of pay increase

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    SchoolsImprove The announcement by NickyMorgan01 is designed, it seems, to turn the public further against “moaning” teachers. #typical

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    NuttySalt SchoolsImprove NickyMorgan01 Quite – thinly veiled dig in the ribs of teaching once again from DfE minister

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    “NuttySalt: andylutwyche SchoolsImprove NickyMorgan01 Maybe we’re just an easy target?” It appears that we are

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