Union says staff will pay for heads’ salaries

The Times is reporting suggestions from Chris Keates that head teachers should be forced to publish their salaries before a “dash for cash” this autumn…

Some head teachers are in line for big pay rises from September when governors of all state schools will be given greater freedom to reward them.

Almost 1,000 are earning six-figure salaries and two thirds of them work in academy schools, which can already set their own pay…

Chris Keates, the general secretary of NASUWT, the teachers’ union, said: “More and more teachers entitled to pay progression aren’t getting it. We’re preparing ourselves . . . for possible action at school level where we find that schools have depressed teachers’ salaries for arbitrary reasons, but head teachers’ salaries are increasing.

“Every other senior executive in the public sector is required to publish their salary annually, except head teachers.”…

More at: Union says staff will pay for heads’ salaries (subscription required)

Is Chris Keates right on this? Is there any good reason why heads’ salaries should not be public? And if they were, would it have a positive impact on regular teachers’ pay? Please let us know in the comments, via Twitter and by taking part in our poll…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove What the DfE don’t advertise about teaching is there is no extra money for pay rises, so Peter must be mugged to pay Paul

  2. andylutwyche

    looloobyloo SchoolsImprove Thank you! All I need is for 499 others to agree with you and I get my deposit back!

  3. HamdonEducation

    SchoolsImprove Increasing divisions in society to be reflected in school staff by wage differentiation. A new phenomenon thanks to Mr Gove.

  4. TW

    Model Publication Scheme for Schools approved by the Information Commissioner:

    “Staff pay and grading structures
    The names and positions of all staff of the school, and how they may be contacted via the school. This may be provided as part of the organisational structure and should include, as a minimum, the salaries for senior staff as defined above. Those salaries should be stated in bands of £10,000. For more junior posts, levels of pay should be identified by salary range.”

  5. School_Leader

    HamdonEducation SchoolsImprove hasn’t there been wage differentiation for a while? TLR level/private sector/R&R allowances etc

  6. supernash69

    HamdonEducation SchoolsImprove It’s another academy issue- poor Heads freeze staff pay and progression while lining own pocket.

  7. School_Leader

    SchoolsImprove how can staff pay for heads salaries? It’s a decision of the Gov body! Does anyone think heads are so unscrupulous?

  8. garrodt

    SchoolsImprove It’s Tory & City “Fat Cat” policies,Overpaid at the top,low paid at the front line the gap keeps growing #Etonomics

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