Union president highlights concerns about mental health of teachers

The Eastern Daily Press is reporting that Kathy Wallis, of the NASUWT, visited the county as part of her efforts to thank teachers across the country for their commitment to the profession.

 She said: “We are working with unions world-wide looking at problems of stress and mental health. We have so much stress going on in the classroom, caused by a myriad of reasons. We want to have our teachers in the very best health possible, so they can get the very best deal for the students.”

She said: “Right across the country we are getting teachers who are going under with the amount of work they have to do, and the amount of work being imposed on them by the government is phenomenal.”

She also raised the government’s missed teacher training targets, and added concerns about whether those entering the profession viewed it as a long-term career.

“A lot of people don’t see it as a career that they are going to stay with for a significant amount of time any longer. It’s all to do with workload and conditions of service.”

“People consider teachers are well paid. Well, maybe, but they lag behind all other graduate professions.”

More at: Union president highlights concerns about mental health of teachers

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  1. foundpeace1965

    SchoolsImprove Tried to raise this at government level and with agencies – Brick Wall!!! Nobody cares!!! I call it Ostrich effect!!!

  2. Alan OSullivan

    foundpeace1965 SchoolsImprove Absolutely right. This is such an important, growing issue within the teaching profession. Maybe FOI request to ascertain staff sickness rates based upon anxiety and depression within last year?

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