Ukip leaflet claims primary school LGBT education is ‘sexual grooming’

The Mirror is reporting that a leaflet being circulated at the Ukip party conference claims a CHIPS campaign to challenge homophobia in primary schools amounts to “sexual grooming”…

The flyer says a programme discouraging homophobia in British primary schools is a recruitment drive for “fresh blood” – because “such people cannot produce their own kind.

In an astonishing interview, London Ukip candidate Winston McKenzie distanced the party from the flyer, saying he sympathised with “people of that ilk” – meaning the LGBT community – but blamed homophobic bullying in schools on “the media.”

…The leaflet, distributed by a group called Ukip Christian Soldiers, attacks the Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS) project, which aims to make all schools LGBT friendly.

Winston McKenzie, Ukip candidate in Croydon North, said: “It’s all wrong. We don’t need a recruitment drive for homosexuals. It’s not a Ukip leaflet. I don’t want to get involved in this kind of thing.”…

More at: Ukip conference: Homophobic leaflet claims primary school LGBT education is ‘sexual grooming’


Not the first group to criticise the CHIPS programme, and it sounds like the Ukip hierarchy might already be distancing itself from this leaflet, but how do you respond to these kinds of allegations?


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  1. rob_kelsall

    Anfieldexile SchoolsImprove organizations that continue to incite homophobia should be prosecuted. It’s hate crime in my book.

  2. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove Schools and parents should study the ‘Safe at School’ policies of spucprolife and reject the LGBT activists’ CHIPS program.

  3. RedHotSquirrel

    JamieGBarry ukiplgbt So a leaflet, distributed by a fringe group, made by a tiny and unsupported minority is news? Come on. Get a life!

  4. JamieGBarry

    RedHotSquirrel ukiplgbt So the party didn’t allow it to be distributed at their conference? What’s the story with McKenzie’s comments?

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