UK teachers ‘among youngest in the world’

Britain has the youngest teachers in Europe and the youngest primary school teachers of any developed country, according to a new study. This is from the Telegraph…

Almost a third (30.8 per cent) of UK primary teachers are under 30, in “stark contrast” with other wealthy countries where teachers are much older, the OECD’s annual education study has found.

The next-youngest OECD country by primary teacher age is South Korea, where just 22.5 per cent are under 30, while in Italy a mere 0.3 per cent fall in that age category.

At secondary school level a similar pattern is evident, with almost half (49 per cent) of UK teachers under 40, compared with an OECD average of 36 per cent.

The figures, released today as part of the OECD’s Education At A Glance study, follow concerns that rising numbers of teachers in England are taking early retirement amid concerns over factory-style exam targets, pupil behaviour and changes to pensions.

British teachers start their career with higher than average salaries, the study shows, although after more than a decade this begins to fall back.

The OECD said: “The relatively young teaching force in the UK stands in stark contrast to the situation in many European countries where inflexible employment conditions coupled with declining youth populations have led to ageing teacher populations.”

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Is this high proportion of young teachers in the UK a cause for concern or something we should celebrate? As a parent, would you prefer your children to have more experienced, older teachers or does it make no difference?

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  1. penguin_charl

    SchoolsImprove Or is it a result of all the older teachers leaving the profession because they’ve had enough?

  2. TeaLadyJune

    Teaching profession should have all ages. Vital to pass on experience. Challenge is not to exhaust the older ones too much! SchoolsImprove

  3. Briggsy65

    SchoolsImprove yes that because the ‘older’ ones are seen to be too expensive and get pushed out. Sad but true.

  4. DavidBatty

    SchoolsImprove andylutwyche Possibly because wisdom&knowledge are valued in other countries but fame & beauty are valued in this country?

    • andylutwyche

      DavidBatty SchoolsImprove Fair play – The X Factor generation. Sad really that The people behind these programmes have such an effect

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