UK ‘second best education in Europe’

According to an analysis conducted on behalf of Pearson and reported on the BBC, the UK is in second place among European countries and sixth overall in a global education league table with South Korea top and Asian countries taking the top four places…

The rankings include higher education as well as international school tests – which boosted the UK’s position…

These latest international comparisons, compiled for Pearson by the Economist Intelligence Unit, emphasise the success of Asian education systems, with South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong in China rated as the highest performing.

But it shows a strong performance from the UK, which is ranked sixth, behind only Finland in Europe and ahead of countries such as Germany, France and the United States.

Finland, which was previously in first place, has slumped to fifth, reflecting a downward trend for a number of Scandinavian countries.

It also records the rise of Poland, which has been hailed for reforming its post-Communist education system, and sits in the top 10.

These rankings are based upon an amalgamation of international tests and education data – including the OECD’s Pisa tests, and two major US-based studies, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) and Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls).

They also include higher-education graduation rates, which helped the UK to a much higher position than in Pisa tests, which saw the UK failing to make the top 20.

A Learning Curve report accompanying the ranking says that the success of top-performing Asian countries reflects a culture in which teachers and schools are highly respected and “teachers, students and parents all take responsibility for education”…

John Fallon, chief executive of Pearson, says the report shows a strong link between improving levels of education and training and economic growth…

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How do you react to these rankings and the idea that, overall,the UK offers the second best education in Europe? Something to feel good about? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove DfE must be in a quandary over this, though they could slate educators for not being top. Ultimately, like all others, tripe

  2. robsolway

    RealGeoffBarton SchoolsImprove how long until Gove claims he has made the difference and this is evidence his actions are working!

  3. MissCranky

    kareninath carlf67 He pays close attention to what Finland does – so that he can implement the opposite and hope for the same results.

  4. ukrus64

    SchoolsImprove I wouldn’t worry..!! With Gove’s thoughtless actions he’ll soon have us bottom of the Eurovision Education league…!!

  5. Ashley_Loynton

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove Finland 5th Global formerly top, UK 6th Global (based on this data).

  6. Kenza

    Anything coming from Pearson, I would take with a pinch of salt based on their qualifications (“Edex Hell”) and the courses they offer “Big Joke BTEC”.   Any organisation which is a private business, makes money by selling resources to support its phoney qualifications and courses paid for by tax payers money through schools is, IMO, not best placed to carry out these types of surveys.  Independence and bias spring to mind!

  7. LolzHeart

    ROCHEG SchoolsImprove Based on experiences,UK & Europe-wide, shared by my children & their friends: I don’t believe this analysis one bit.

  8. edujdw

    g56g yes, but educationgovuk is not tweeting such a result because it spoils the narrative of failure in all but academies/free schools

  9. SaveCavell

    edujdw g56g educationgovuk Similarly, they never tweet praise of non-academies who do well. See #NotAnAcademy to redress the balance.

  10. edujdw

    .g56g educationgovuk sadly they have no shame, just a will to trash good and outstanding state schools to promote Gove’s ideology

  11. Boz23

    3Dean KevinfMcCabe SchoolsImprove Schools shouldn’t be the business of politicians, they should be the business of educators.

  12. KevinfMcCabe

    “Boz23: 3Dean KevinfMcCabe SchoolsImprove Schools agreed however we need to take responsibility and not be passive recipients of policy

  13. Boz23

    KevinfMcCabe 3Dean SchoolsImprove That’s a very difficult thing to do when you are snowed under by the policies and interventions.

  14. SkiJacobs

    SchoolsImprove Working_Bees reading the link it seems the UK is only boosted by still having good Universities. Otherwise below top 20

  15. SkiJacobs

    SchoolsImprove Working_Bees it seems the UK only boosted by still having good Universities. Otherwise below top 20 in the world.

  16. Graham_IRISC

    EddieKayshun BUT if 1 purpose is to prepare pupils for life after school then ability to do well at Uni a key indicator -outcome not output

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