UK schools have targeted black children for generations – the education system is overdue for a reckoning

According to The Independent, we’ve had books on racial biases and punishment for cultural practices since the 1970s. Instead of repeating the same facts, we need educators and the government to tackle these prejudices head-on.

The penny should have dropped long before now. That it has taken this amount of time is a sign of a much bigger issue: the UK’s unwillingness to accept, once and for all, that black children are exposed to discrimination the minute they enter the education system.

There’s also the question of the role of academies in all of this. According to experts, the rise of free schools and academies (both of which aren’t governed by local authorities) may well be giving way to exactly the kind of behavioural and uniform policies that target black students. In fact, they already have. And the government’s behaviour tsar, Tom Bennett, endorsed such rules (including two-hour detentions for kissing teeth) as recently as October.

Read full article here UK schools have targeted black children for generations – the education system is overdue for a reckoning

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  1. Michael J. Clark

    Diction in speech is everything and adults in important positions are letting children down when they speak with bad diction and pronunciation. Please no: Somfin, Wiv, I fink, I ought, 1,2, free. Children are listening. ‘Lazy’.

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