UK lagging behind other countries in digital skills, Barclays report finds

The Guardian are reporting that a worldwide study has found that while 39% of Brazilians think they could build a website, only 16% of British workers feel the same.

A report into digital education, skills and confidence, commissioned by Ashok Vaswani, the chief executive of Barclays UK, found that Britain, one of the most active online consumer markets in the world, is being outpaced when it comes to being able to create new digital technologies.

“In the previous century, most of us had to cope with just one big shift in technology in our career or lifetime, and we’ve been able to rely on our early education to get us through,” Vaswani said. 

“But now these changes are happening constantly, through the evolution of the internet, smartphones, social media and the advent of new technologies like blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and open data. This research shows Britons need to equip themselves with digital skills whether to futureproof their career, or keep personal data and devices safe.”

Barclays surveyed 10,000 workers in 10 countries, with the UK performing relatively well on “digital empowerment”, behind only Estonia, South Korea and Sweden. But in terms of how well individuals harness new technologies, Britain ranked sixth.

“The UK can become the world’s pre-eminent powerhouse of tech innovation, and compete globally across all sectors and industries, but only if we significantly develop our digital skills and expertise,” Vaswani said. 

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  1. Nairb1

    Why would we worry about this? UK citizens might not be able to cope too well in the digital world but, thanks to Gove’s inspired education reforms, if asked ‘ Stretch this sentence with a fronted adverbial – I had a dream’ (8yr. old’s homework) then they are second to none. Other countries, rapidly embracing education for the 2030’s and beyond, must be looking on with envy.

  2. egwilson

    SchoolsImprove could we have a reference to the original report so that we can judge for ourselves how valid this claim is???

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