UK H.E ‘value for money’ say international students

The PIE News reports that International students who are either already studying in the UK, or considering doing so, think British higher education is good value for money, according to new research released by QS Enrolment Solutions.

59% of respondents said they believed the UK to be a good value-for-money study destination. Students from Africa were most positive about the financial worth of UK HEIs, with a net score of +60 in the QS report.

However, respondents saw Germany as a better value destination, while Canada was seen as an equally sound investment.

Students from EU nations are also less likely to see the UK as a good value destination. The net score from EU students was +17, with only 19% regarding the UK as “very good” value, compared to 41% of students from Africa.

UK and Europe director of QS Solutions, Patrick Whitfield, expressed that this perception of a less well-valued UK from European students is a surprise due to the effect that Brexit has already had on the UK economy.

“Given the relative weakness of the pound since last year’s decision to leave the EU, it is somewhat surprising that EU students continue to have a weaker perception of the value of UK tuition fees than other regions,” Whitfield said in a statement.

“Better qualified staff” and high rates of graduate employment are also listed as the benefits that UK HE brings, and therefore justification for the higher fees that were seen as good value for money by respondents.

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Will tuition fees and the high cost of living eventually put overseas students off? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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