UK girls’ schools want more female composers, scientists in curriculum

The Reuters press agency (via the Mail) is reporting that a group of top girls’ schools has launched a campaign to make sure important women in history, science and the arts are included in the curriculum to challenge a “default to men” attitude in schools.

The issue was raised by West London student Jessy McCabe, 17, who started a petition calling for more female composers on the music syllabus after realising that none of the 63 composers featured on her A-level course were women…

Girls’ school leaders will publish a list of women they want to be listed for study for future exams, including two-time Nobel laureate Marie Curie, who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity, painter Frida Kahlo, and artist Tracy Emin.

Helen Fraser, chief executive of the Girls’ School Day Trust, a group of independent schools, said there was a real opportunity within education to level the playing field and ensure the achievements of pioneering women were recognised.

“I don’t believe that there is a group of men sitting in the offices of the exam boards saying to themselves ‘how can we exclude women?’… (but) you start to feel that there is a ‘default to men’ wired in to so many of our organisations.”

“Women are excluded, not deliberately, but thoughtlessly,” Fraser said in a statement…

More at: UK girls’ schools want more female composers, scientists in curriculum


See also this from the Sunday Times: Exams out of tune with women’s world (subscription may be required)


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  1. jwscattergood

    MaryMyatt I agree we need more female role models in all areas. We must also increase the LGBT and minority individuals too.

  2. SachaLG

    SchoolsImprove We sang Elizabeth Maconchy in r school choir but that was 25yrs ago. Will do E. Poston carol this year at r Primary school.

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