UK exam board to advise high-performing Chinese schools on maths and science

The TES is reporting that England’s biggest exam board has signed a deal with a major Chinese education group to help schools in Beijing and Shanghai to assess maths and science.

The AQA board is set to share best practice in assessing maths and science, in a way that “encourages teaching of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity”.

The board’s chief executive, Andrew Hall, said in a statement that the UK was “often encouraged to look to China for education inspiration”, adding that he was “pleased that our Chinese colleagues clearly feel there’s a lot of valuable expertise here in the UK too”…

Under the AQA programme, UK teacher trainers will run a training programme in 50 schools in Beijing and Shanghai, and Chinese teachers will “visit the UK to see assessment in action”, according to the exam board.

Professor Yang Nianlu, secretary general of the Chinese Society of Education, said: “In the area of secondary education, both China and the UK have their own unique strengths in terms of educational concepts, methods, curriculum design and style of teaching. Yet we have much to learn from each other…”

More at: UK exam board to advise high-performing Chinese schools on maths and science


See also this from the DfE on increasing partnerships between Britain and China in education: UK-China education partnership reaches new heights


Sounds like a great opportunity for AQA and, perhaps, an interesting endorsement of our exam system.

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  1. TW

    Perhaps we could import some Chinese politicians to run our government.  It would be a cheaper, more honest, and less corrupt option than our own misruling class.

  2. The UK-China deal was from The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as the DfE.  Perhaps this is part of the ‘Education Exports Strategy’ exposed in 2013. 
    Rather concerned about these ever closer ties with a country not known for its adherence for human rights.  Gibb’s love of ‘Chinese education’ should be seen in the light of Gove’s comment that he wanted to see a ‘cultural revolution’ in English education.

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