UK Christian schools teaching children gay people are ‘unnatural’ and girls must obey men

The London Economic is reporting that it has been claimed that fundamentalist Christian schools in the UK are teaching children that being homosexual is unnatural and girls have to obey men.

Ex-pupils have turned whistleblowers and have come forward to say that various private schools across the UK are teaching these old fashioned prejudices during lessons.

The people who have come forward have said that the textbooks they use told them that creationism is actually a fact, women have to obey men and being gay is immoral.

An anonymous former pupil, who wanted to protect their identity said: ‘No one outside the schools knows about what happens inside them, that’s why they’ve been able to go on like this for so long.’

More at: UK Christian schools teaching children gay people are ‘unnatural’ and girls must obey men

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  1. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove Until we have an emphasis on children’s rights, rather than parents, this sort of thing will continue.

  2. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Homosexuality is natural it’s behavioural evolution experiment, as it doesn’t lead to kids less 2% men are gay

  3. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Is no normal or natural behaviour in evolution only that=ensures species survival hence young female bisexuality

  4. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove I’m sure 2% of the population also wants to kill innocent people, but we should probably tell kids not to.

  5. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove Everyone has to choose a team in life, are you sure evolutionaist/atheist is the right team?

  6. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove I’m a scientist it’s based on experimental studies where female arousal is measured independently of claims

  7. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Young reproductively fertile women/girls respond equally hetero/lesbianporn=mating advantage as can share a mate

  8. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove Most gays are that way because of early childhood experiences, you can get a child to do almost anything.

  9. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Those who choose teams commit sacrilege against the wishes of the creator -live & let live – not live & let die

  10. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove No one has the right to pervert the expression of nature as it seeks ensure species survival with any behaviour

  11. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Choose truth & therefore doubt that’s the essence ofScience anything else is a perversion ofThe Creator’s intent

  12. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove Okay, but at some point they become different species. Are frogs and snakes the same species?

  13. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove So whatever behavior is best (increase our numbers?)for our species (humans as a whole) is how we should act?

  14. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove “whites” never go extinct as are Africans without colouring & attractive due to rarity given 75%+world=brown

  15. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove We got onto race, but the issue at hand is what is right and wrong behavior. I say having gay sex is wrong.

  16. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Irrelevant, doesn’t produce kids so male gays less 2% popn, but nature tries anyway in every generation=natural

  17. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove As it maybe useful in each generation -gay men in past looked after relatives families not own as had less kids

  18. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove If nature allows its expression & it harms no-one -Live & let live =the Creators intent= not for us to suppress

  19. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove You keep dodging. It seems like what you are saying is it doesn’t matter what we teach our children.

  20. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove Teach them:be independent, love thy neighbour but don’t turn the other cheek& honour their ancestors via Science

  21. LeoToAquarius

    Jed_Kenton SchoolsImprove If have a kids=gay-let them work out if it’s a phase or not -respect their life &push for >important-Grandkids!

  22. Jed_Kenton

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove So you have a kind of hybrid, Christian/scientist/evolutionist belief system. Good luck to you.

  23. Simon Foster

    Why can we not just accept that you can not help who you fall in love with? A little more understanding and a little less judgment would be nice

  24. Busy Mum

    MadgeJesss SchoolsImprove Children’s ‘rights’ already trump all – parents are treated like dirt.

  25. Simon Foster

    Busy Mum I assure you I am over whatever ‘it’ is

    ask yourself a question and think carefully about this one…………

    If your Jesus was alive today would he accept homosexuality or vilify it? I suspect that he would forgive as that is the sort of fella I am led to believe he was. He was apparently kind hearted, generous, forgiving and an overall nice bloke

    I don’t care if anyone is straight, gay, bisexual, a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or of any other belief if you are nice to me I will be nice to you back.(I am a non believer as you have possibly worked out although one of my closest friends is a Vicar and another is a member of the Church who lives in Vietnam and helps run a school that my family bulit and fund.

    The role of an educator is to prepare young people for life in the real world and they are going to come into contact with all the above.

  26. Busy Mum

    Simon Foster Busy Mum He would say ‘Go, and sin no more’. 
    And if He was so nice, why did they crucify Him?

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