Ucas launches Ucas Progress – a new application scheme for pupils aged 16 and younger

Ucas, the universities and colleges admissions service, has launched a new online application scheme enabling pupils aged 16 and younger to apply for apprenticeships and training programmes as well as traditional sixth form courses. The scheme, which sees the non-profit admissions company extend its remit beyond traditional university and college applications, is called Ucas Progress, and will particularly target students about to enter Key Stage 5 – the two years of education immediately following GCSEs. This is from the Telegraph…

“It’s about helping all young people, with a direct thread into higher education,” said Gina Bradbury, head of the new scheme. “If people are going to make the right choices on the way to higher education from their GCSEs, it’s very important to engage with young people earlier.”

Over four thousand further education providers including schools, University Technical Colleges and other training providers are listed on the new platform, which features nearly 200,000 courses to which students can apply.

“It’s something higher education institutions are keen on – widening participation, and increasing information,” said Bradbury. “We also want to help people who won’t go on to higher education, as we expect an increased need for people to find work-based learning in the future.”

Although Ucas Progress has existed in search-only form since September 2011, today marks the launch of the ‘Apply’ stage, enabling students to apply through a single centralised system to the full range of qualifications, spanning traditional A-levels as well as BTECs, apprenticeships and work-based learning schemes. Unaccredited courses by organisations including the YMCA and Prince’s Trust are also listed.

Students will be able to search for and apply to courses by specific subject or institution, or look geographically for all further education options available close to where they live, with results available in map form.

Currently around 2,000 schools in England and Wales are signed up to use the new application system. Their pupils will be encouraged to use the application system in the classroom with teacher supervision, as well as at home with their parents.

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