Ucas Clearing system should be abolished, majority of students tell survey

The Independent is reporting a survey that suggests more than half of students want Ucas Clearing replaced by a system that enables them to reapply in September with actual grades.

…The Student Room spoke with just over 6,300 students to find almost 60 per cent want to see the end of Clearing, while 52 per cent said they believe it has a bad reputation.

Students also expressed embarrassment at having to use Clearing; when asked if they would tell their peers if they got in via the system, 48 per cent responded ‘no’, fearing they would be seen as “stupid” or “inferior.” A further 19 per cent said Clearing is “for people who are desperate to still get into university.”

According to Ucas, in 2015, 64,300 applicants were placed through Clearing – an increase of 3,000 ( five per cent) from the 2014 cycle – and the highest number ever placed through this route…

Being able to reapply in September with their actual grades, or defer a year to get grades up would be more beneficial to students, said The Student Room… 

Education community manager at The Student Room, Hannah Morrish, described how students feel the university they choose and the offer they get defines “what they can hope to achieve.”

She said: “Clearing reinforces that, despite their best efforts, they weren’t good enough and missed the goal they’ve been working towards over the last year. That can be really disheartening. Universities and schools must work together to reassure students about Clearing.”

“Students have picked up on the increase in offers that are lowered on results day which is making them question the value and honesty of the offers they’re receiving. Some students are asking their teachers to predict higher grades so they can apply to higher tariff universities that are known to discount offers at the last minute.”

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The answer is that we need post result applications for all don’t we? 

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